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February 4, 2023 Polaroid Spirit 600 CL
Polaroid Spirit 600 CL Instant Film Camera Vintage Polaroid Spirit 600 CL Instant Film Camera Rainbow Stripe Original Box I am pretty sure that this camera has never been used , IT has been in the loft for 40 years . not sure where the warranty information booklet and the operating instruction's are...
60.00 Pound £
February 5, 2022 Olympus 34mm Camera Shoot &amp
Olympus 34mm Camera The Olympus 34mm Camera ,A super simple little point and shoot camera which features a built in flash, with red eye reduction, which is controlled using the switch on the front of the camera and a 34mm lens. This one will not need any batteries to wind and fire but if you wish to...
45.00 Pound £