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Panther-dryers T. shirt conveyor tunnel

Art2silkscreen Tunnel Features CE Certified - 3 Year Back to Base Warranty

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20. Feb 2022
Panther-dryers T. shirt conveyor tunnel

Panther-dryers conveyor tunnel

Panther-dryers con veyor screen printing equipment.

Guess which one? The good the bad or the ugly.

So your considering upgrading to a conveyor tunnel dryer?

To cure your prints.

You need something small but with the output of a commercial.

You are very limited on space .

Otherwise you would get a big one.

You currently have a Panther-dryers con veyor.

It has  small elements and will not keep up with demand.

Now you have seen one our Textile Infrared Conveyor Dryer 1 Metre Curing Tunnel Variable Speed  Art2silkscreen only want £2200.

Estimated price for a 4ft Panther-dryers con veyor.£3600

Its small as needed and it seems to have  larger quartz elements that goes through the whole inside of conveyor .

Art2silkscreen Tunnel Features

  • CE Certified - 3 Year Back to Base Warranty
  • Variable Temperature Controller
  • Variable Speed Controller
  • Fully cures textiles and other ink types.
  • Designed for high production.
  • Reliable & Efficient.
  • Fully Insulated Tunnel for efficiency. Fire- retardent insulation to ensure the heat stays inside the dryer.
  • Long 1 metre Tunnel - The longer the garment stays in the oven at a controlled temperature the more accurate the cure.
  • Short 'mini' tunnels can cause cracking and less elasticity in the print.
  • Runs off a domestic energy supply. 220V, 32amp Socket, wired directly into the mains.
  • Temperature Control mode SSR/Contactor Control
  • Adjustable height for elements between the belt and heating elements, for passing items of various thickness through the tunnel.
  • Temperature controller for accuracy, temp RANGE 80 - 185DegC.
  • Belt - Lower speeds are excellent for inks which take longer to cure e.g Metallics, water-based, all over prints, puffers, glitters.
  • Higher speeds are ideal for high production. The belt can travel in both directions. Slow the belt speed to allow up to 2 minutes in the tunnel.
  • Open weave PTFE coated glass fibre conveyor belt - The coating is carbon loaded to avoid static electricity build up.
  • Oven flu to prevent build up of standard vapour in the oven.
  • Isolator safety switch.
  • On and off switch power to thermostat.
  • Plug & Cable supplied.

I figured the  stronger elements , covers more area, so the shirt is exposed to heat longer.

You can get a new Vastex db 30 ,with ext'd infeed for aprox £2500.

They CLAIM  it CURES about 125 shirts per hr.

Whichi s the same as the Panther-dryers con veyor . so what is the point?.

You cannot beat M & R equipment. period.

That may be true.

But I don't believe you can get one in this price range.

Personally, I would tell you to up your budget a little

and get a dryer with at least a 24" or 30" belt.

I use the BBC little buddy at home and the 18" belt is a pain.

It's a nice Tunnel dryer and works well,

but if you're doing large shirts/prints or hoodies then it takes too much effort to fold them to fit on the belt.

The shop I work at has a 36" belt and loading all types/sizes of garments is effortless.

Art2silkscreen sell great dryers.


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