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Cheapest Screen Print supplies

Cheapest Screen Print supplies uk and Europe.

screen printing supplies
23. Feb 2022
Cheapest Screen Print supplies

Cheapest Screen Print supplies uk and Europe

Where do you start to look for the  Cheapest Screen print supplies?

First of all many people look for a basic list of the Cheapest Screen print supplies and equipment.

To over view the method of screen printing.

Consequently  telling them the minimal tools and equipment they need as well as the basic steps  involved.

We will break the process down and list the tools needed to start you off in screen printing. #

This will give you the most basic information to help you get started.

The first step is to create some artworkSilk Screen print supplies

Most artwork is created using illustrator, Photoshop,coral draw free software like gimp and cad draw. vectors are best for illustrations (solid line work). multi colour designs are separated and placed on separate layers from the original image.Then each colour is printed in black by itself. This colour separation is also known as film positive separation. a printer, Ink jet or Laser , a computer with software will be required with this step.

Creating the film positive from the Cheapest Screen Print Supplies on the planet

After your artwork is created or separated you will need to convert it all to black and print it on a clear film, this is your film positive.

Consequently if the artwork design has more than one colour ,you will need to print a film positive for each colour. It is this black opaque film positive you are going to use to make your screen. this is the step you are going to require a computer, a printer and ink jet or Laser film.

Our customers can choose which Screen print supplies  from our webstore  for Screen making. 

You will need a screen to pass the ink through onto your shirt. They are commonly known as Silkscreens, their are 3 types  that you can use. Aluminium silkscreens, wooden silkscreens or precoated stencils. When you have decided which one to use, you will need to degrease it before you coat it with emulsion.

The pre coated silkscreen and pre coated stencil this has already been done.

The emulsion is a light sensitive liquid.

Which is coated on the mesh and dried, with a fan heater or oven.

Once it is dry, it is then exposed with the film positive under uv light in order to make a stencil.

This step will require screen making chemicals, a water hose and an exposure unit.

Furthermore another way to expose to uv light is using the sun.

A sunlight pre coated Aluminium screen or stencil sheet.

Basic list of Screen Printing Equipment to print fabric

LED UV Exposure unit. to make stencils using light sensitive emulsion on the silkscreen.

2. Wash out booth with water sprayer. To wash out and clear the image on the screen.

3. Drying oven or fan heater. To dry the silk screens after preparing them for emulsion or coating the with emulsion.

4. A darkroom, or subdued light room. for coating your screens and storing the coated silk screens for future use.

5. Screen printing press, jiffy clamps or silkscreen carousel. To print your t.shirts, Hoodies, fabric with ease and consistency.

6. Flash cure unit or heat gun. To flash dry between colours or to fully cure single colours

7. A Tunnel  conveyor dryer. To fully cure your print, water based ink at 185 deg c, plastisol ink at 155 deg c.

8. Washout booth and pressure washer. To reclaim  so you can reuse your screens.


9. Coating trough. To coat your silk screens with emulsion.

10. Squeegee. wooden or aluminium , to push the ink through the silk screen.

11. Screens stretched with mesh. to make your stencils on and print your shirts.

12.  Spatulas. To take the ink from the bucket and place on the screen. for removal of ink and back in the bucket.

13. Ruler and T square . To mark the mounting pallets to align artwork film and fabric positioning with a felt tip pen.

14. Heat reader. Infra red hand held temperature laser thermometer to check the curing temperature of the printed ink.

15. Spot cleaning gun. To remove unwanted marks of ink on the t.shirts and hoodies.

16. Scrub brushes. For applying ghost buster

 Customers can buy these by far the Cheapest Screen print supplies in our web shop.

The perfect purchase for any budding screen printer or an ideal birthday or Christmas present for artistic loved ones.

Our Silk Screen Printing supplies.  Excellent  consumables. Needed to get printing your own designs at home.

You will also find consumable packages at reduced prices to add to your current kit.

Find out more about The Screen Print Specialists here at Sunlight Stencils.

Our team has over 40 years hands on experience of Screen Printing Equipment and Supplies.

Our knowledge gained both in the UK and internationally allows us to train and inform you every step of the way.

We are  dedicated specialists .

Offering the Cheapest Screen Print Supplies on the planet.

Focused on helping and serving customers, from beginners to the advanced. helping them reach their full potential .

We provide printers with the correct equipment, knowledge and technical support.

Screen Printing made easy, turn their nightmares into dreams and  help make them real.

After all, your creativity is our passion.

Furthermore  Sunlight Stencils has the perfect solution to all budding artist and designers.

Cheapest Screen print supplies.

The selection of professional quality  screen printing supplies offered at discount prices

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The perfect purchase for any budding screen printer or an ideal birthday or Christmas present for artistic loved ones.

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Include excellent consumables needed to get printing your own designs at home.

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