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Cheap gas and electricity World of Energy

Is it cheaper to have gas and electric together? Dual fuel does often mean that you spend less money on your energy supply. This means that you can save money and also benefit from the convenience of having only one energy bill. Whilst dual fuel is often cheaper, it isn't always. ... For this reason it is important to run an energy comparison on both types of tariffs.

22. Feb 2022
Cheap gas and electricity  World of Energy

Cheap gas and electricity

Stop overpaying for your gas and electricity, go Cheap gas and electricity

Have you seen your bill prices soar after your first year with a supplier?

We will switch you every year so you don’t have to worry about it.

How about this for an idea:

Instead of spending a fortune getting central heating fitted this summer, why not fit your heating for free with help from your kids?

However, there are a number of factors that can put you off summer central heating fitting.

If you’ve looked in to fitting gas central heating,

you may be more than a little discouraged

by the cost and disruption

Also you can expect through the installation process.

Installing gas central heating can take multiple weeks.

energy power

Workmen will need to fit a new boiler, new radiators and potentially a whole new network of pipes.

This will mean lifted floorboards, walls taken apart, periods without hot water, potential damage to walls and carpets, and dust sheets all over the house.

You can forget summer holiday trips to the seaside – you’ll be staying home overseeing noisy and disruptive plumbing work for several weeks.

And even with a team of hardworking and considerate workmen and women, you can still expect a hefty bill at the end of the process.

It’s the summer holidays – who wants to spend all their money and time watching over heating installation?

We want to spend that money and time on days out with the kids.

Cheap gas and electricity

So, we’ve got all these different types of energy,

but what’s the BESTEST type?

Well, wind turbines are Cheap power

They don’t pollute the environment and wind power is sustainable

You’ll never run out of wind! for power

Except when there isn’t any! 

One problem is that if there’s no wind on a particular day – well your turbine isn’t going to be making much electricity.

 Also, you need a LOT of wind turbines to generate a reasonable amount of power.

What about hydro power?

That’s pretty cool stuff – using the power of oceans and rivers to make energy! for Cheap power

Or Biomass! Using trees, crops, and recycling old materials – recycling’s always good, right, you can even learn at online blogs about it at as i Sustain Recycling and others.

No one type of energy has got all the answers, the best thing to do is use a mix of all these ways to generate energy!

Our electricity is 100% green – made from the sun, the wind and the sea. We generate about 20% of it ourselves and the rest is certified green energy we buy from other green generators or via the wholesale market.

Turning sunlight into electricity

Whatever the weather, solar energy is generated when photons from the sun create a flow of electricity in the solar panel, which is why you’ll sometimes see them referred to as photovoltaic panels.

Do nothing - inaction is now the best action

As a result of the fast-changing energy supplier landscape, Do nothing, do nothing. Energy prices are rising, energy firms are falling.

The cheapest firms are £500/yr higher than just a month ago. People are panicking; do nothing... inaction is now the best action."


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