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Bid for Camden Property search and bid

Bid for Camden Property You can search and bid for council and housing association properties on our home connections website. You will need to apply for council housing before you can start bidding.

Bidding for a home
22. Feb 2022
Bid for Camden Property search and bid

Bid for Camden Property

Bid for Camden Property

Advice on bidding

When bidding for properties, remember:
  • bids will open for available properties on Thursday and close at midnight on a Monday
  • there is no need to bid as soon as bidding opens
  • the shortlist will not be dependent on when you bid, but on your number of points
  • once you have bid successfully the information you have used on your application will be checked. If your application is not up to date your points may be changed  which may affect the success of your bid.
  • you will not be able to bid for properties larger than you need
  • generally bidders with the highest points will be invited to view the property
  • once shortlisted, we will invite you to attend a viewing by phone or text - so please ensure your application is up to date.

Housing allocation policy

This document details the policy we use in relation to bidding for properties.

Apply for council housing

To  be able to access council housing you first need to successfully join the housing register.

To join the housing register you will need to have:

  • been awarded more than 30 points when you apply (see below to apply)
  • household savings or financial assets below £32,000
  • lived in Camden for 5 out of the last 7 years

Before you apply

It can take up to 30 minutes to apply. You cannot save your application and come back to it.

Make sure you have details of:

  • all your addresses for the last 7 years
  • full names and dates of birth of everyone on your application
  • the immigration status of everyone on your application
  • your income and savings
  • any medical conditions or disabilities
  • due dates of expectant mothers

Start your application

Are you a Camden council tenant?



How to bid for homes

Camden and some housing association homes are let through Choice-based Lettings. A full list of available Camden homes can be found on this site. You will need to be registered for housing in Camden to be able to bid for these homes. The exception to this are those properties required by people who need internal and external wheelchair-accessible homes.

You express an interest in a home by bidding for it. Bids for homes will open every Thursday each week and close at midnight the following Monday.

Before you start to bid, you will need your User ID and PIN numbers, this is application number and your date of birth (all in six digits) as well as the advert number of properties that you are interested in placing a bid for.

There are three simple ways to bid.

  • texting your bid or
  • downloading the mobile phone app to your Apple or Smartphone

Bidding by internet - You will need to enter your ID and PIN numbers and then either search on available properties or enter the advert number of the property.


Bidding by text - To bid by text using your mobile phone, enter the word ‘bid’ then ‘#’ followed by your six-digit user ID number, then another ‘#’ followed by your six-digit PIN number then ‘#’ again followed by the advert number and then ‘#’, to complete the bid. Then send the text to 0780 014 0057.

Here is an example of how your text bid should appear on your phone: bid#123456#010164#987654#


Bidding from your mobile phone - you can download the Home Connections app by clicking on one of the icons for Apple and Android devices at the top right of this for the instructions on how to download the app to your mobile device which is very simple to use.


If you are successful enough to be invited to view a property, you will be contacted by phone, so it is important that we have the most up to date contact numbers for you.



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Bidding for a home
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