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1933 George v penny sells for £72,000

1933 George v penny sells for £72,000. A rare 1933 George v penny - one of only four in is thought, have been buried under buildings as part of a "time capsule".

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21. Feb 2022
1933 George v penny sells for £72,000

1933 George v penny very rare.

1933 George v penny and her collection of coins

Mum was my best friend a kind lady with a heart of gold
She scrimped but would always put us first before herself.
Mum grew up on a council estate in Middleton
She was a one in a million mum had nothing but managed to give us what she could and brought us up well with what she had
The neighbours would come to mum for a cuppa and a chat
Because mum also was a straight talker she always said what she thought without hurting folks feelings

So hence why I've put her 1933 George v penny  on here.

Mum was also my hero not just because she was my mum.
Because the house we used to live in
The next door neighbours house exploded due to a faulty boiler the house had 4 maybe 5 teenage boys in it
At the time there was slates bricks wooden gutters all over the street mum didn't think twice.
she and one other neighbour went into what was left of the house
Without one thought of her own safety and that the house could of exploded again with the gas still leaking
but mum still went in and got all of them out using a door for a stretcher
The fire brigade told mum off .
But mum said to the fireman she was a mother herself.and she only did what any other mother would do .
Yes she was in the paper that was saved and mum was invited for a meal at Leeds civic hall
But mum didn't want to be classed as a hero only a mother so didn't go

1933 George v penny

Mum got old and wasn't good on her feet asthma and heart problems
Every Christmas was like well. we treated mum like the godfather it all happened at mums home .
Then came covid I couldn't go to mums home only outside for a year
I hadn't seen mum I had to give birthday cards to my nephew then mum had an asthma attack and went in hospital
Mum was then transferred to a recovery hub
whilst in there mum was walking and told them she was going to collapse
She hit to the ground and broke her leg
They simply put mum in bed overnight and gave her paracetamol.
She didn't come home she passed away of heart failure in pain but not alone.
Hidden in her inner pocket a very rare 1933 George v penny.

Rare unauthenticated coin

And I can't fight her corner writing this.
The last of mums unauthenticated coins
This coin was cancelled at 370 due to the private offers .
Now I can't say if this is genuine because I don't know i'm not an expert
Therefore  i can only be as honest as i can .
I have read up about a coin like this and because I don't know it's authenticity ,
So I have to list it as a gap filler it is sold as seen non returnable
All I can do is take pics as close as I can so you can judge for your self.
A picture of the one that is in the royal mint ...just for you to compare it with mums
I don't know the weight of the one at the mint
But I can weigh mums for you.

Weight is same as a penny - 9.2 grams

Size is same as a penny:  31mm wide and 2mm thick.

Also the only thing I can say the one at the mint has a slant on the foot of the number 1 and so does mums.

You see mum was born and raised in Middleton and passed away of chronic heart failure

But when we asked for mum to be blessed in her church they turned my mum away

They wouldn't allow my mum in her church but people was in there giving food parcels i don't mind food for the needed but.

Mum was God's child as well and mum couldn't be blessed mum was basically told to go away

So hence why I've put her 1933 George v penny  on here.

I can only ask you to bid what your comfortable with and have a good look and see for yourself
So you just have a good look and bid what your happy with

  Hidden treasure

This was simply dug up by my dad when he levelled the garden for his pigeon huts

I know there was other bits and bobs he dug up

With it marbles, spoons bike frames that sort of thing he gave the penny marbles and an old silver spoon that's worse for ware .
And she wouldn't part with it .

Mums collection was a NO touch at all collection!Unless mum was there.
Now before I start I do know about the so called 1933 penny coin that's supposed to be worth a LOT

I live in Middleton have done all my life

And yes i do know about st cross with the mouseman seating

st cross church is about 80 to 90 meters away from mums old house
Mum's home was on the avenue no 63

Situated very near to the church

and the church is on the avenue but it's on a cross road and it actually sits on acre road its entrance to the church is on acre road feel free to Google map it .

you will see dad's old huts stretching the whole of the garden on one side I have rang ebay about it and they said i can't list it as genuine if I don't know myself and I'm sorry i don't..

Mum told me i have sold most of mums collection apart from her silver and gold proof coins they are listed separate

All I know is dad dug it up when leveling the garden for his huts they still stand.

but I don't think there used for pigeons anymore mums home was around the corner from the church I would say no more than 80 to 90 meters away
Mum has kept the penny in a 1970 isle of man proof crown box .

St Cross Church, situated on Middleton Park Avenue.

Now Some say George placed it there but he didn't

The foundation stone was laid on the 11th November 1933 by Robert Armitage, JP of Farnley Hall.

A collection of coins from the period were buried under the stone,

So it wasn't George himself but I did notice his wife passed away in 1933

Now I know a 1933 penny was placed under the foundation stone of mums church with other coins of that year. apparently only 6 to 7 exist

I have been as honest as I can.

Everything i have said is true

But I really can't say if it's genuine i can only tell you what mum told me so it's fifty fifty chance

I can't list it as genuine because of its unknown authenticity so it's to be a gap filler

the marbles and the spoon ..what's left of it. that was with it.

I can show you them i have been as honest as i can and told you everything i know I wish I knew it's authenticity but I don't

so its up to you all I ask is just have a good look I know mum said what to do .

Finally the coin will be sent in a box


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